Senior Sound Bites:
AJ Murphy

Head of Global Capital Markets at Bank of America Merrill Lynch,
Middlebury College Alum

AJ grew up in New Jersey and attended Middlebury College, majoring in English and Political Science. She started her career at Deutsche Bank as an analyst in Leveraged Finance. AJ moved to JP Morgan after 9 years at Deutsche Bank and then came to BofAML as Head of Americas Leveraged Loan Capital Markets in 2009. She served as Co-head of Global Leveraged Finance at BofAML and as Global Head of Leveraged Finance Origination at Goldman Sachs. She has been Head of Global Capital Markets at BofAML since March 2016

Favorite / least favorite thing about your role
My favorite thing about my current role is having a more holistic view of the bank and what it can achieve. The most challenging aspect of my current role is time management

Something you wish you knew at the start of your career
I wish I had understood that this job truly is a meritocracy. When I was younger, I was worried about things not seeming fair and felt frustrated when I saw others getting more credit on projects than they seemed to have earned. It felt challenging to differentiate yourself as a junior member of the team. In retrospect, I wish I had known that over time things shake out fairly and hard work is recognized and rewarded

Mistakes on the job / tough lessons learned
A major regret of mine is that I never spent time abroad in my career

Biggest accomplishment
I have developed an appreciation for more types of people and an understanding of how to form groups that work well together. As I have grown more patient and team-oriented in my career, I have built teams with a complementary mix of personalities and skills that have driven teamwork and success

Speaking of big accomplishments, Cycle for Survival was a big one…
[Note: BofAML National Team has raised $660,000+ to date for research for rare cancers via Cycle for Survival and is ranked #2 largest fund raiser nationally. Global Capital Markets has raised ~70% of the total BofAML contribution]
It has been very exciting. This is our first year participating and we started this conversation with a few folks mainly within Capital Markets with the initial goal of getting to $100k, which seemed like it could be a big stretch at the time. It has been an incredible effort and a real testament to the hard work of many

If you weren’t doing your current job...
I would probably be working in publishing / editing or teaching

Recent read
The last book I read was Kevin Wilson’s Perfect Little World. I was a big fan of his other book, The Family Fang, and really enjoyed this one as well

Favorite NYC restaurant
This is a tough one but I’m going to go with Shabu-Shabu 70. When I came into New York with my mom when I was a teenager we would always go here. It’s a lot of fun. They serve you really thinly sliced meat and vegetables that you dip into a pot of boiling broth in the middle of the table and then stir until fully cooked. Shabu-Tatsu is another spot downtown that does the same thing

Something you do outside of work
Spending time with my children and SoulCycle. They are all under twelve years old so none of them are old enough to ride with me yet, but I brought them into the studio once so they could see where I love to spend free time

Anything we haven’t asked about that you’d like to share?
A lot of people ask me why I still choose to work this hard. My answer is that I wouldn’t be doing it if I wasn’t having a lot of fun!
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