The theme of this month is honing your inner executive – we’re hearing from executive coaches, business school consultants, and management about what makes a great leader, and how to get there.

Working with an Executive Coach
Thursday, May 10th
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Presentation, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills have a common foundation - interpersonal communications.

Please join Synergist, East Rock Capital, and CPI at the East Rock Capital offices for a workshop led by expert, Cathy Boeckmann. The workshop will focus on developing the core building blocks to effectively resolve difficult situations and to seamlessly move forward negotiations.

Cathy will share best practices and lead an interactive workshop enabling attendees try out skills in real time. The goal is to help you identify and learn important skills, understand obstacles to applying your skills in high stakes situations, and experience how working with an executive coach can support your career growth.

Co-Ed Investor Dinner
Thursday, May 17th
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Group dinner at Emily WV to make new friends over a variety of topics (such as, how "investable" are blockchain companies, what key metrics do you look at in a consumer investment vs. software investment, and how are you using social media platforms to build your brand). Event is sold out, but add your name to the waitlist (and be top of mind for the next one!) by emailing Paige Gonye at pgonye@gmail.com.

It's that time of year! 
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Synergist Board Applications
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Creating Alpha Through Executive Hiring
Thursday, May 10th
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Join us at Genstar Capital (4 Embarcadero Center) at 5:30pm for a panel discussion focused on executive hiring, and the characteristics of successful management teams. Whether you’re an investor, aspiring CEO or general business enthusiast, you will walk away with tremendous insight!