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Senior Sound Bites:
Liz Myers

Global Head of ECM, J.P. Morgan
Princeton University and
Harvard Business School
Liz grew up in Michigan and attended Princeton University, majoring in Economics. She now serves as the Co-Captain of Princeton recruiting for J.P. Morgan. Upon graduation, she was an analyst at J.P. Morgan in the Natural Resources coverage group and the M&A group. Later, Liz attended Harvard Business School and spent her summer working at McKinsey. After completing her MBA, Liz returned to J.P. Morgan and worked as an associate in Equity Capital Markets. She has worked both as a generalist and across the technology and financial services sectors. She is currently Global Head of ECM for J.P. Morgan

Favorite / least favorite thing about your role
Favorite: Experiencing business in other cultures and modifying leadership strategies accordingly
Least Favorite: Jet lag!

Something you wish you knew at the start of your career
The breadth of skill set that is valued - although technical skills are a necessity, there are a lot of other things that each person brings to the table including emotional intelligence, networks, and other soft skills

Mistakes on the job / tough lessons learned
Accept mistakes quickly and learn from them. Not everyone’s advice should be valued equally – be thoughtful of who you receive advice from

Biggest accomplishment
Balancing a career and having a great husband and two children

If you weren’t doing your current job...
I was always interested in science and took pre-med courses when I was at Princeton, so probably something in the healthcare vertical

Recent reads
Keep the Damned Women Out
Louder than Words
The Checklist Manifesto

Favorite NYC restaurant
Lincoln Ristorante

Something you do outside of work
Lots of family tennis and golf, as well as pilates and yoga

Anything we haven’t asked about that you’d like to share?
My husband’s contribution to my career has been invaluable, he is extremely supportive and has invested a lot of his time helping out with our two children

Event Recap - Women's Empowerment Expo at Harvard Business School (November 4th)

Synergist women recently attended Harvard Alumni for Global Women's Empowerment's ("GlobalWE's") first Women's Empowerment Expo, focused on global women's issues and initiatives. The Expo provided a forum for leading women's empowerment organizations to connect with Harvard alumni and students seeking career, internship, mentorship, volunteer, and fundraising opportunities. We were inspired by the people we met and are excited that Synergist's cause resonated with so many women!

Event Recap - Junior Women in Private Equity Breakfast (November 9th)

Synergist recently invited a group of 20 junior women from investment banks across NYC to breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. The setting was welcoming and informal, with board members and panelists rotating around the room to speak with attendees on topics such as their reasons for moving into PE, their experience thus far as associates, and advice for navigating the recruiting process.

Event Recap - Community Service at Bowery Mission (November 19th)

The women of Synergist visited The Bowery Mission on the Lower East Side of NYC to prepare and serve 300 meals before Thanksgiving. The Bowery Mission has served homeless, hungry and poor New Yorkers since 1879 and is heavily dependent on volunteers. We were thankful to have been part of such an empowering program. Please reach out if you are interested in volunteering with us in the future!

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